Top mobile games for Android and registration via anonymous email

Posted by Admin on 4/28/2024, 5:57:51 AM

  • EDIT-1 Mobile games are perfect when you have some spare time or feel boring. Many best-selling projects that had millions of fans among PC gamers have been ported to Android and iOS platforms. There is also a large number of unique, fun-filled games, for example, Angry Birds.

    Minecraft, GTA, Fahrenheit and other PC games ported to Android

    Today, users can enjoy dozens of Android games that were a hit among PC users some years ago. Some of the most popular are:

    • Minecraft
    • Grand Theft Auto
    • Mortal Kombat
    • Need for Speed Most Wanted
    • The Sim
    • FIFA
    • Heroes of Might and Magic
    • Titan Quest
    • Bully: Scholarship Edition
    • Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy
    • SimCity
    • Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven
    • Deus Ex.

    Any of these titles will set seasoned gamers’ pulse racing. What’s more, today all the listed games are available for Android and iOS. So if you have never played any of these games, consider giving them a try on your handheld device. Below I will describe briefly some of the most appealing games that I used to spend much time to.

    Why do you need Temp-Mail for mobile games?

    Developers equip their mobile games with monetization features to derive some income. For example, the user is asked to perform certain activities on Facebook or register on a website and specify a personal email address, which is done in exchange for some bonuses such as game resources, boosters, and more.

    To get a reward and game perks, there is no need to specify your real contact details. I will show you how to receive a bonus in Angry Birds, using the functionalities of Temp-Mail anonymous email service. Your personal email address and valid Facebook account (if any) will be hidden from the other party.

    Make the following steps:

    • The app consumes very little system resources, enabling the user to get immediate notifications on incoming messages. Upon installing and starting the app, you will automatically receive a temporary email address that you can use for registering in games and social media.
    • Let’s run the game and test it a little. In about 15-20 minutes, you will be offered to visit Facebook and receive five tickets (a special game resource that gives access to tournaments.) Participation in one tournament round costs 1 ticket. If you fail to complete the round successfully, one more ticket is deducted from your balance. This game resources can be bought for real money or by performing some activities offered during the game.
    • At the top right corner, there is the Facebook icon and a violet ticket. Clicking it will take you to the start page of the social network. Do not jam-pack your Facebook account with too many games; instead, let’s create a new account with the help of Temp-Mail, an anonymous email provider.
    • After you have filled in the required fields, you will receive a Confirm Registration email from Facebook. Confirm it.
    • On the Envelope icon, you will see the number of incoming emails. One email with a confirmation code from Facebook.
    • Now open your new game account and receive your 5 tickets. On the positive side, you have not posted game links and other unwanted information in your personal Facebook profile.

    Other Android/iOS mobile games are based on the identical principles, so the Temp-Mail disposable email service will come handy in many situations.


    Minecraft for Android is an unmatched leader by the number of downloads. When playing the game, construction of buildings and facilities is truly amazing, and it never gets boring. The gamer can do everything  in Minecraft, with an absolute freedom and non-linear gameplay. In this unique life simulator, you can feel like a builder and master of the universe. You have lots of building materials and possibilities in the game – use your imagination to the full extent to create your own fantastic world.

    Grand Theft Auto series

    As of writing, there are three GTA parts ported onto Android: Liberty City (3), Vice City and San Andreas. I like the first two games, with Liberty City being the most vibrant game in the series, and I find San Andreas to be the most diverse in terms of gameplay. The last game is not appealing to me because of bad graphics. Besides, the main character and environment are not impressive either. Not everyone, including me, likes dark streets and blocks in the game.
    The GTA 3: Liberty City gameplay is one of my favorites, though it is lacking motorcycles and scooters that are available in Vice City. If you like bright colors, consider playing VC. The GTA 3 world is elaborated very well and it has no strange empty landscapes as in SA.

    Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy

    This is a truly stunning game that stands out among other mobile-compatible gaming solutions for its eye-popping detective storyline. The game looks like a real thriller; it immerses you from the very start and holds your interest until you complete all the levels to the end. Your aim is to help Lucas Kane, the main protagonist of the game, who is convicted of a murder that he does not remember. Help him understand what has happened and who put him in a frame. The game boasts of professional voice-over, amazing visuals, a wide choice of options in every stage, and enticing music by Angelo Badalamenti. The game has many fans. If you fail to advance on any stage, you can register on any of the game forums using a temporary email address, and ask your questions to other game enthusiasts.

    Need for Speed Most Wanted

    This is a well-known game for all fans of quality car simulators. Great news is that it has been made compatible with Android devices. The game has everything to take the fancy of every race lover: numerous exclusive sports cars with tuning options, a set of race tracks, impressive graphics and special effects. NFSMW is the best game for fun and entertainment.

    Angry Birds

    Angry Birds is a true arcade blockbuster with dozens of versions available today. I recommend you to install and play the same-name original version. You will have at your disposal a team of angry birds that you can launch to attack pigs using a slingshot. At first glance, the gameplay seems to be very simple but as you keep on playing, you will find it a real fun. One more round, another round… Make mincemeat out of the nasty pigs! In Angry Birds, the player can participate in various tournaments that has a number of leagues: Glass League, Wood, Stone, Bronze, etc. At the end of the game day, there is the leader, which name is visible for all other players. Angry Birds is one of the most exciting games for family entertainment.

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