New Temp Mail app for Android (2021)

Posted by Admin on 4/28/2024, 5:54:55 AM

  • The first version of the Temp Mail mobile app for disposable email was released over three years ago and has since been installed over five million times, gathering over 45,000 reviews and 147,000 ratings with an average score of 4.5★.

    We're happy to introduce the new version of Temp Mail and highlight some of the most useful features that are now available.

    Your Free Temporary Email

    When you first open the app, you will receive a mailbox on our free domains. You can immediately copy its address using the ‘Copy’ button.

    If you don't like the address, delete it with the ‘Change’ button.

    The main screen of Temp Mail app

    Just as before, you can receive emails and use your address to register on websites.

    All incoming mails will be sent to the ‘Inbox folder.

    Please note:

    • On the free version, emails are stored for no more than 1-2 hours.
    • On the premium version, emails are stored for 30 days.

    New emails in Inbox

    How to remove ads forever without Premium

    If you like the application, but are annoyed by the advertising, you can completely remove all advertisements by supporting the developers with a one-time payment. Simply follow the below instructions:

    1. Open the application menu.
    2. Click ‘Remove Ads.’
    3. Complete the payment.

    Now you are able to permanently use the regular version of Temp Mail without ads. Electing to make this payment is linked to your Google Play account, ensuring your lifetime ad-free experience.

    Private Domains (Premium)

    Private Domains is a new feature that we've been developing based on the requests of our users. Do you need a clear domain without a history? Now you can register and add your own personal domain that only you will use.

    Benefits of a Private Domain:

    • A personal domain that you fully control.
    • A guarantee that no one else has used this domain on the internet.
    • The ability to create mailboxes with various names without worrying that they are already taken.
    • A domain that will last as long as you are a subscriber.
    The screen of Private domains

    You can read more on how it works in our upcoming article.

    Multiple mailboxes with extended storage and lifetime (Premium)

    All paid subscribers can now use multiple email addresses at the same time. The main advantages of a Premium subscription are:

    • Premium domains with a guaranteed lifespan of over 30 days.
    • Custom name for mailbox.
    • You can use up to 10 email addresses at a time.
    • Extended storage for emails.
    • Indication of upcoming domain changes.
    • No ads.
    Your premium mailboxes

    This is only a partial list, please continue to read as we go into greater detail about some of the benefits and new features of a Premium subscription.

    Autofill address in forms (Premium)

    Tired of opening the app and manually copying your email address every time?

    With Premium, there are new options:

    • Autofill in apps
    • Autofill forms

    Turn them on and you gain the ability to paste your temporary email in one click on sites or apps.

    Please note, the developers of some websites do not mark certain fields as specifically for email, so our app may fail to detect and paste your email address. If you encounter such an issue, please contact us.

    Sync the application with the website (Premium)

    Do you want to use your Premium email on your PC as well?

    All you have to do is enable sync with Web / Desktop via QR code.

    How it works:

    1. Open the Web / Desktop tab in the application menu and allow access to the camera.
    2. Open the login page on your PC.
    3. Point the camera at the QR code on the website.
    4. Your account will now be synchronized with the website and will open in the browser.
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